Welcome to Rx Review Service, LLC.

Who We Are

RX Review is the premier solution healthcare providers have chosen to reduce pharmaceutical costs and enhance revenue cycle performance for over 10 years. Our newest software development; EnrollNET, debuted in early 2013 and has been receiving incredible response and recognition. Going above and beyond expectations, clients utilizing the exceptionally innovative features and effortless concepts have realized up to 250% more products, recoveries and results.

What We Do

We identify and enroll patients challenged by burdensome medical costs into pharmaceutical manufacturer sponsored Patient Assistance Programs. That’s all we do – and we’ve empowered clients to save over $140 million to date. Each day we want our client’s to perform at their best – breaking records, starting trends, and making history.

Our in-house client-support staff stands directly at the front lines assisting customers and interfacing with manufacturers to make the most of every opportunity. Many organizations decide on putting customers through a ringer of switchboards and automated systems to “cut costs”. Not us, when you have a question or concern, you can simply pick up the phone and give us a call. You’ll speak with a real person – not an automated system whose menu options have recently changed.

Behind the scenes, our technology and development teams are constantly innovating, collaborating, and updating systems with enhancements. Together, we are committed to routinely analyzing our success and strengthening systems to improve results.

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